Mark Horn


Hi, I'm Mark Horn and my specialty is Portfolio & Project Mgmt for the Life Sciences. Welcome!

Mark Horn's Bio:

One of the greatest challenges in business is to bring about change. My division at Wyeth, a Fortune 100 company with $21 billion in sales, urgently needed to improve its R&D outcomes. I met one-on-one with 75 different people to make the case for R&D Portfolio Management. The President decided to move forward and appointed me to lead the initiative. It is my best professional accomplishment to date. But there is more to be done. Specialties: Portfolio Management, Program and Project Management, Financial Management, Resource Management, Strategic Planning, Change Management.

Mark Horn's Experience:

  • Conference Chair at 11th Annual Project & Portfolio Management for Pharma and Biotech Summit

    I been invited by Fleming Events to chair Day 1 of the "11th Annual Project & Portfolio Management for Pharma and Biotech Summit", taking place on May 22 - 23 in Philadelphia. Speakers at sessions I will moderate include: *Sultan Aziz, Head of Product Supply Strategy Management, JOHNSON & JOHNSON, *Audrey Echertier-Bonnard, Portfolio & Project Management Director for Consumer Healthcare, GSK, *Ricky Suchak, Director and Head of Portfolio Management and Marketing, SANDOZ, *Lena Ohannesian, Senior Director and Project Champion, TEVA PHARMACEUTICALS, *Pik Leng Wong, Director of Biologics Project Management Office, SANOFI GENZYME.

  • Portfolio & Project Management at Johnson & Johnson (via The FlexPro Group)

    R&D project management, resource management and project management controls for Janssen R&D and Janssen Supply Chain. Accomplishments include: • CMC PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Project manager for 1st small molecule ever granted accelerated development status at Janssen. Project successfully met aggressive submission timeline and has potential to earn millions of dollars in incremental sales for the company • RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Coordinated rollout of resource management for 3,000 Janssen Supply Chain employees in Europe and Latin America. Delivered training in Portuguese language at J&J's São José dos Campos, Brazil site • PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONTROLS: As member of Portfolio & Project Management Office (PPMO), developed project management controls for Janssen Supply Chain sites worldwide using Instantis and Tableau software

  • Portfolio & Project Management at MHA LLC

    International consultant for internationally acclaimed Brazilian government research institute with 46 research units, 10,000 employees and US $1.2 billion annual budget • Co-led team with members from 10 centralized departments and decentralized research units that developed proposal to implement stage-gate project management to better manage the 300 new research projects approved annually • Developed and successfully piloted ‘prospection’ process to identify technologies under development with potential for technology transfer, working closely with researchers and technology transfer staff • Advised President of institute on redesign of roles of 3 headquarters departments to optimize technology transfer function. Conducted market research for small and mid-sized US companies seeking to enter Brazilian market. Awarded permanent visa by Brazil’s National Immigration Council for bringing high level knowledge to the country. Chaired and presented at industry conferences and gave media interviews.

  • Director Portfolio & Project Management at Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

    I was a Director in the Department of Project Planning & Administration responsible for financial management, portfolio management, project management, resource management and strategic planning. Supervised R&D Finance and Knowledge Management groups. Accomplishments include: • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Managed Division’s R&D budget in the range of US $100 to $200 million. Developed new bimonthly budget process that eliminated unneeded budget reserves. • PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: Appointed by President to design portfolio management process for Division; created and led 5 teams and facilitated 2 others. • PROJECT MANAGEMENT (GOVERNANCE): Project Manager for Leadership Team overseeing all clinical and product development activities. • PROJECT MANAGEMENT (RX-OTC SWITCH): Leader or member of teams that successfully obtained FDA approval for 4 Rx-OTC switches. • PROJECT MANAGEMENT (NEW PRODUCT INNOVATION): Managed Global Innovation Team with members in 7 countries. Recognized as executive contributing largest number of innovative new product concepts in one year. • PROJECT MANAGEMENT (NEW IT SYSTEM): Led team that successfully developed Oracle-based resource management system. • PROJECT MANAGEMENT (ALLIANCE MANAGEMENT): Served as liaison to Eli Lilly and to Abbott Laboratories for Rx-OTC switch projects. • RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Designed and led Division’s Resource Management process allocating labor costs to projects. Trained more than 500 employees at 8 sites. • STRATEGIC PLANNING: Prepared R&D strategic plan for Division incorporating data from R&D, Marketing and Business Development departments; approved by CEO.

  • Conference Chair at bioLOGIC Europe

    I led the conference stream, “Strategic Challenges and Opportunities" at bioLOGIC Europe (Terrapinn) in Geneva, Switzerland on *September* 16-19, 2008. Speakers: * Dr. Nicholas Davies, Senior Director, Pfizer * Dr. Tariq Ghavur, Senior Principle Scientist, Abbott Labs * Dr. William Haddad, Chairman and CEO, Biogenerics Inc. * Dr. Mick Kolassa, CEO & Managing Partner, MME * Dr. Roland Kreutzer, CEO & Co-Founder, Roche-Kulmbach * Edward Madden Esq., Assoc. Dir., Biogen Idec Int?l * Dr. Glenn Miller, VP & General Manager, Genzyme * Dr. Walter Moos, Vice President, SRI * Alon Natanson, CEO, Procognia * Dr. Bruce Pratt, Vice President, Genzyme Corp. * Dr. Jean-Marc Renard, Vice President, Sanofi-Pasteur * Dr. Malcolm Skingle, Director, GlaxoSmithKline * Dr. Patrick Vink, Senior VP & Head of Biologics, Mylan

  • Conference Chair at Portfolio Management in Pharma

    I chaired the conference "Portfolio Management for Pharma" (VIB Events) held in Madrid, Spain on February 5-6, 2008. Speakers: * Kerstin Bode-Greuel, Associate Lecturer, University of Essen * Manuel Carmona, European Sales Mgr., Palisade-Europe * Tony Ellery, Global Head, Novartis Pharma * Kimber Hardy, Senior Director, Merck Serono * Andre Hoekema, Senior VP, Galapagos * Roger Holdsworth, Assoc. Director, UCB * Pasi Piitulainen, Director, Actelion * Rafaat Rahmani, Founder & President, Lifescience Dynamics * Eric Rambeaux, Vice President, Solvay * David Rosen, Development Head, Pfizer * Bernd Seilheimer, Global Head, Bayer Schering * Markus Thunecke, Senior Partner, Catenion * Allan Wehnert, Vice President, H. Lundbeck

  • Moderator at 7th Annual Project and Portfolio Management for Pharma

    I moderated the panel discussions: "How to Manage the Productivity of the R&D Portfolio" and "Strengthening Interdepartmental Managerial Processes to Enhance Prioritisation Techniques for Portfolio Executives" at the "7th Annual Project and Portfolio Management for Pharma" conference (Marcus Evans) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Panel members: * Ulrich Betz, Head of Strategic Innovation, Merck Serono * Markus Thunecke, Senior Partner, Catenion Strategies * Joshi Venugopal, Global Portfolio Manager, Novartis and... * Minerva Cortens, Ass. Director, Johnson & Johnson * Teri Loxam, Director Strategic Planning, Bristol Myers * Priya Mande, Head Portfolio Management, PowderMed * Eric Rambeaux, Vice President, Solvay

  • Advisory Board Member, Conference Co-Chair, Presenter & Panelist at 8th Annual Rx & Biotech Portfolio Management Innovations

    The 8th Annual Rx & Biotech Portfolio Management Innovations conference (SRI - ALM Events) was held in San Francisco on February 12-13, 2007. I served as a member of the advisory board, co-chaired the conference, presented "Driving Innovation through Portfolio Management", participated in the panel "The Future of Innovation in Portfolio Management" and moderated presentations by: * James Huang, President, Anesiva * Frank Carillo, President & Managing Director, ECG * Gary Cupit, President & Managing Director, Enzo Therap * James Felli, Senior Research Advisor, Eli Lilly * Dan Smith, Principal, Enrich Consulting * Nancy Santilli, Vice President, Endo Pharmaceuticals * Sabine Bernatot-Danielowski, Exec Dir, Daiichi Sankyo

  • Course Director at Project Management in the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry

    I served as course director for the Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute (PERI) project management course "Project Management in the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry" held on Nov. 13-15, 2006 in San Diego. Course faculty included: * Laurie Dubrovin, Senior Project Manager, Genentech * Melanie Ebojo, Senior Project Manager, Genentech * James Huebner, Sr. Global Project Manager, RPS Inc. * Nadina Jose, President & CEO, Research Strategies Inc. * Michele Livesey, Global Research Leader, Roche

Mark Horn's Education:

  • Jodrell Laboratory (UK)

    Fulbright Research Scholarship
    Concentration: Biochemistry
    Activities: Conducted research on the distribution and biological activity of polyhydroxy alkaloid sugar analogs α-Homonojirimycin and 2,5-dihydroxymethyl-3,4-dihydroxy-pyrrolidine in Urania (Lepidoptera:Uraniidae) and Omphalea (Euphorbiaceae) spp. Conference presentation: Institut de Biocenotique Experimentale des Agro-Systemes, Pau, France.
  • Brandeis University

    Bachelor's Degree
    Concentration: Biology
    Activities: Study Abroad: Bedford College, University of London, UK.
  • Seton Hall University

    Master's Degree
    Concentration: Corporate and Public Communication: MBA Track
    Activities: Completed Master's thesis on Web Design.

Mark Horn's Interests & Activities:

Ecotravel, tropical agriculture, Brazil, indie films